The Mystery of the Missing Avocado

Like most people resolve at the start of a new year, I have been trying to eat healthier. With that goal in mind, I made a two dishes this weekend so I would have some yummy and healthy go-to meals for the week. One of those meals was a vegan quinoa and sweet potato chili that my awesome sister (in-law) introduced me to. It is super super yummy!

Yummy and healthy!

Are you hungry yet?

As you can see, I topped it off with some equally yummy avocado. Since my first bowl was SO YUMMY (have I mentioned that is was yummy ;)) I decided to go back for a second helping… don’t judge me. But when I did, I noticed, I could not find the avocado… not anywhere.

Countertop…. Nope.

Fridge…. Nope.

Trash can…. Nope.

There. Was. No. Sign of that thing. Then it hit me… Check the bedroom! Super logical, I know, but  when you live with a three-year-old-95-pound-I-put-everything-in-my-mouth-lab like Big Dog, it actually is.

So I walked into our bedroom, and low and behold…

The not-so-clever-thief returning to the scene of the crime!

The not-so-clever-thief returning to the scene of the crime!

The mystery of the missing avocado had been solved! It sure looked like he had eaten The. WHOLE. Thing. Pit. And. All. But lucky me found out he had stashed the pit away. He’s sneaky like that, and I am sure he wasn’t quite pleased with the damage he had already done. He needed to follow up his thievery with side of mess making. Right before I went to bed I heard him chewing on something, which turned out to be the missing pit. He was even kind enough to leave a GIANT reddish-brown stain on the carpet next to his bed. Oh Big Dog….

And he would have gotten away with too, if it wasn’t for that meddling second helping!

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