The Bottle Battle

Meet my new nemesis….


Though they may look like mere baby bottles, I assure you, they are much more. This Baby Bottle Army is, in fact, pure evil. Somewhere, buried deep on some mystical level that is hidden to the mommy eye, lies some very dark magic. I mean, it must be dark magic that causes this sweet, smiling, happy guy….


to morph into a screaming, big-real-tear-producing, inconsolable fellow.

"Wait. You want me to eat out of WHAT??"

“Wait. You want me to eat out of WHAT??”

Why else would he refuse to use one?? I mean, clearly they must be eating his soul….that’s why he cries like that….right??

This Bottle Battle has raged on for several weeks now and there definitely have been some casualties. I definitely feel my heart breaking that EVERY TIME I hear that so sad cry….and I may have shed a few tears at work this week… which may have led to me eating my I’m-a-bad-mommy-feelings away with a bag of caramel popcorn… But that’s how war goes I suppose. The problem is, the longer this battle continues, and the more the casualties that stack up, the more I am sure I am loosing. Not that anyone is keeping score, but I am pretty sure after tonight it’s Nemesis=900, Mommy=-40. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up. I will strap on my Super Mommy Cape and continue to fight this battle. I will find a way to defeat this soul-sucking dark magic that I do not yet understand. And I vow this to my Little Man: I WILL find a way for you to eat while I am away at work that doesn’t ultimately require hours upon hours of screaming and Mommy having to leave work and come home to breastfeed… You may be winning the battle Baby Bottle Army, but we will win the war!


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